Saturday, May 24, 2008

Illustration Post #1

During the past couple of months, my parents were remodeling our house. After staying pretty much the same since it was built in the 70's, except for some occasional coats of a slightly tinted white paint, they decided to go all out and pull up all the old carpets, parquet floor, and paint the walls a color you could actually notice. On top of that, they needed new art for the walls because the old stuff that was hanging didn't really belong any more.

So now they have two of my paintings up. This was kind a fun project for me. It's not one of the color schemes I'd usually use. Never been a fan of painting in browns. I also got to mess around with patterns and silver paint.

What surprised me most though is that these have actually been framed and hung up in a room where people will actually see them. Usually my stuff is put up on a ledge in the basement where only the family sees any of it.

And yeah, I'm aware I can't take decent photos. If anyone has tips on that kind of thing, they'd be appreciated.

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