Monday, October 27, 2008

I liiiiveeeee. Art post.

School is crazy busy during fourth year.

Anyway, let's get some pictures posted, hm?

Umm... you might need to click on them. They went weird.

First off, an image from I think my favorite class of all time. I really enjoyed the linework for this, and I think it's the closest thing I've ever drawn to being explicit.
The colors were fun too. This is actually how I'll be doing any editoral style work from now on. I hide my linework too much, and I'm told it's what I'm good at. Peer pressure worked, guys.

Also, I'll be using textures more. I'm slowly building a collection of them.
Lastly, something for my own personal stuff. I've learned that a huge part of digital painting is appropriate use of textures, and matte painting. You'll get to see that later.

(I'm talking to YOU Kim. I know you're the only one likely reading this.

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When you gonna post those comics, huh?