Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And Now, Something Great.

I totally ordered a pin from Rosemary Travale

She did it quite fast too. I'm not all THAT narcissistic (though I think I have excellent taste in pants.) but the idea that she could make a pin for someone that looked like them, and then all the weirdness of having conversations with people while wearing a pin of your own face was just too awesome to pass up, so I got myself one.

Also! You can buy pins similar to this, but not of me, and not custom, on her Etsy shop. The characters are great. I like Pink D'Artagnan. It takes a real man to have pink facial hair.


Kim said...

You know what would be awesome? Links. D:

Also? It would be hilarious if other people started wearing your face. I would laugh.

Mike said...

yeah, I linked it.

It is curiously ignoring those links.