Saturday, February 21, 2009

Judo Panda, Throw!

So, Kim, Karen, and Yien decided to expose me to this insane movie last night. It was starring the members of some Korean boy band in EVERY main role. (There was like 13 of these guys!)

One of them had to play a panda, in this really unconvincing panda suit. I thought he was supposed to be dressed as a mascot for the school Judo team, but apparently, as far as the movie was concerned, he was a real panda.

Which got me thinking. Wouldn't it be awesome if the panda knew judo?
So I started sketching and ended up with this. I'm iffy on the bamboo, but I had a bamboo brush set that I decided to try. I think I'll paint my own and put it in another time.

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Anonymous said...

YES! Attack on the Pin up boys is awesome.

My favourite part is the dude at the beginning that gets all the candy that falls out of his locker.

I got a bunch more of those Korean teen comedies for us all to watch. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THEM!