Thursday, February 26, 2009

Look. Look at me.

Well, not me. Look at my fancy new website! Most of the labor was donated by the very knowledgeable Bryan McNeil, who did a great job putting the site together, and putting up with the crap I nagged him with. The site isn't done, but it's functioning. Tweaking over the next while should finalize it.

The site is mainly intended for my portfolio, so lots of stuff will still be filtering through the blog. However, if anyone feels like taking a look, you should.


Anonymous said...

PROTIP! Chuck an index.html in there. goes to a crappy Hostmonster page. XD

Jill said...

hey Mike! long time no talk! great new work you've been doing. you've made progress since i last saw you. i'm particularly fond of the v-day pin-up girls, but that's not really a surprise now, is it?

some crits for your webpage!

i don't know what resolution monitor you designed it on but on my 1024x768 16" i find the main page unattractive because i have to scroll around. when i designed our portfolio i made it work on smaller monitors with no scrolling. it makes it look clean and professional. (in hindsight, it's not bad on Zach's 20" monitor, but still something to consider.) i also noticed Zach's monitor and browser cropped all your portfolio images down while mine gave me scrolling capabilities to see the full images. try and get friends with different monitors and browsers to help troubleshoot things like that.

also consider moving your blog link to the end of the list. it's taking you outside your portfolio site so it disrupts the link flow if you're clicking through them in order.

finally, your body copy on your contact and about pages. i find it awkward reading all the way across like that. the single long skinny lines look strange too. consider shortening your column width and taking out the hard returns. i think they should be no more than 3/4 the length they are now.

despite all that! it really does look good so far. gratz on getting a portfolio up and i look forward to seeing more stuff on it!