Monday, June 30, 2008

Challenge No. 4: MST3K titles.

This week's challenge was picked by Kim. We had to choose from a set of titles from the TV show "Mystery Science Theater 3000". It's pretty much a show where a bunch of guys sit around and make fun of old B movies (which you watch while they rip on it). With little bits of a plot in the intermissions.

It's got some gold titles though. Like "DANGER: Death Ray!" and "Secret Agent Super Dragon". I chose the episode titled "Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy". It started out with realistic sketches of a robot and a mummy, but over time turned into this luchador poster. I think that's because I found a newer movie where a mexican wrestler beats up an Aztec Mummy...

Anyway, it's pictures like this that make people ask why I'm not in animation. My answer remains "drawing the same thing 24 times for one second of motion is not appealing."

Kim's post for the week is pretty snazzy too. I like the lighting she did... check it out over at her interblog.

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Kim said...

Well, I guess I gotta call you "speedy" now. You and your... fast... drawing...ness. And such.

This makes me giggle. Good to see you trying some more line-heavy stuff; it works.