Monday, June 9, 2008

Oh Right, I have a blog now.

Forgot this place for a little while.

Well, I just finished my first week of co-op work... it was a week-ish, or so, I think.

Anyway, there will be more art posted this week. Wednesday will mark the final day of a challenge I have with Kim Sokol. (She's in my links, go look at her stuff.)

Kim and I are both working; as well as living together this summer, on a set of kids travel guides, where we use a prescribed style to work in. Worrying that we wouldn't get enough portfolio pics from it, since the style is an animators style and not exactly what we both usually do, we decided that every week,we'll make an art challenge to create portfolio pieces.

This weeks theme is demon/devil girls.

Getting down and drawing something sexy after drawing so many cute fuzzy animals this week though made me hope that no kid ever googles my name after reading the travel book.

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