Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So, I looked through my sketchbooks and decided a long post was in order.

so, here we go.

First off, this is a sketch for a future painting. I drew up these characters to make them part of an RPG I'd been thinking about, but I shifted it over into a new direction. These two just kind of got scrapped, now I use them for personal work.

And now, the gentleman octopus. Yep. Was going to submit this as a t-shirt design back in September, but there was apparently too many tentacle based designs, so I didn't finish it.

Another future painting plan. I just need to find the right canvas.

This was another character for the RPG I was thinking of. The very VERY initial stage of a blacksmith guy. I decided later on to make him a scrawny old guy.

The three little pigs. Done for my first semester interp class, where I revised fairy tales into videogames.

And now, some anime.

The rest of these images are from my current semester project. The Victoria project, where I take the usual RPG tropes and place them into a co-operative action game instead.

Gee, I wish I knew how to make a post jump...

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