Sunday, March 8, 2009

Coraline? More like Collaborine.

Well, Yien's birthday was a while back, but we didn't have a party until today.

As a present, Rosemary and I decided to make her a Coraline rag doll. (She said she'd love one after we saw the movie.)

So, here are the results.

First off, we didn't follow the design of the doll in the movie. We liked the Jeans look more than the black skirt and stripey socks that were on the official dolls.

Rose and I kind of batted the doll back and forth when we worked on it. She would sew, I would sculpt. So most of the sculpted work is mine. When we did the face, it got cooked for far too long under way too hot of a setting. It turned black and took about 10 coats of gesso to get it ready for painting.

In particular, I was happy with the boots. I had no idea what I was doing here, but it all seemed to come together in the end.

The coat posed some problems. It wasn't something that we thought we could do totally guide free, but neither of us knew how to make a pattern with a hood. Rose did some tweaking though and made the hood look like it really belonged on there.

The barrette was a bit of trouble. I sculpted it way too thick, and didn't have the sculpey to make a new one. I ended up sawing the original in half with an olfa blade.

Another view of the boots.

And now some extra shots.

For more info, Mosey on over to Rose's super blog

So considering Rose and I had no clue what we were doing, I think we did pretty good.
If we were to do it again, there are things I'd do differently, mostly with the face and head, but all in all, I think it was a success.

Plus, Yien loves it. That was an important factor.

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From Minneapolis with Love! said...

Yes it was an amazing doll that I will cherish forever!!!!