Saturday, March 21, 2009

two crafting posts in a row? Yep. Kobun/Servbot mask.

No, I have not given up on illustration. Right now I just don't have anything to post illustrator-y.

In the meantime, here is another photoset of a craft I did.
Last Halloween, I really wanted to make a cool costume to go to the downtown in, but I didn't want to spend a fortune. So I decided to make a mask and just wear a suit.

This gave me the idea to go as Frank West from Dead Rising. He can wear just about anything, and as long as he has a camera and probably a sword/club/chainsaw, he's still Frank West. So I decided to make the Kobun masks you can find in a toy store in the game.

So here we go.
The mask is made of insulation foam board, glue, acrylic paint, mesh, and a dollarama hat.

First I bought a sheet of insulation board, which cost me about 10 dollars.

I measured it off into sections.

Then traced out the top of the helmet using an embroidery hoop I found.

The sections were cut out.

And Glued to the top, mitered when necessary.

I sanded as I went along.

And cut and sanded out the top cap to make that silver bump the kobuns have on top of their heads.

Once the helmet was fully together, I drew on the face, sanded, filled, and sanded and filled....and sanded and filled. You get the point. This was to make it as rounded as possible.

I glued in the hat for stability.

Finished the paint job and cut out the eyes.

Then I put laundry mesh over the eyes, used paint to secure it to the mask and camouflage it, then sealed the entire mask with string gel.

It was fun to do. Most people thought I was a legoman in a business suit. I think a few nerds picked me out as at least a kobun headed guy though.

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